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HINKA Claw Machine™

Now available in the 🇺🇸United States, 🇬🇧United Kingdom, 🇨🇦Canda, 🇩🇪Germany, 🇸🇬Singapore, 🇲🇾Malaysia, 🇦🇺Australia, 🇰🇷Korea, 🇹🇭Thailand, 🇭🇰Hong Kong, 🇲🇴Macau, 🇵🇭The Philippines and 🇻🇳Vietnam.

HINKA Claw Machine crane game where you operate a real claw machine to win authentic prizes from Japan that are available for delivery to your home within hours! 📦🛫

HINKA Online Claw Machine Crane Game offers high quality prizes from Japan, available 24/7.📱

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Why HInka

Why is HINKA the best crane game

Express Shipping

Your order will be dispatched from HINKA's self-managed international warehouses within 24 hours.

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Sustainability and positive Impact on our planet

Our HINKA Ultimate Claw Machines are 100% Carbon Neutral. We operate with clean energy and fund climate projects to help make a positive impact on our planet.

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100% Authentic Japanese prizes

We understand authentic prizes are sometimes hard to find in stores/online. You will be sure to find something that you like on HINKA, shipped to you with love!

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Reliable HINKA Care Support

Something we're very proud of and hope our customers appreciate. If you do need help with anything, feel free to contact HINKA Care any time and we'll try our best to help.

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Now available on Google Play and Apple App Store

Get the best of HINKA on the go. From figures to plushies and more, our app has everything you need to make your day better.

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“I've played HINKA for a while now and have never been disappointed by how easy it is to win”

Liam Goh
Why is hinka a better option

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Go ahead and give Hinka a go today!

Orders are dispatched within 24 hours
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It has never been easier to win authentic prizes
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Get the best of HINKA on the go. From figures to plushies and more, we have something for everyone.


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Claim your free plays everyday and start winning real Japanese prizes on HINKA!


Prizes are dispatched within 24 hours

Don't worry, we offer express delivery wroldwide. For selected regions, we are proud to offer same day and next day delivery. T&Cs apply

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Frequently Asked Questions

I heard about some other platform's machines being rigged.

The answer is no, we don't practice black magic here at HINKA.

Not Taped. Not Glued. No Cling Wraps.

All our machines are designed to be a fun and interactive game for all before being made available so they're always fair games!

Some may include different strategies for the prizes to be won, so, if you're experiencing difficulties with a specific prize, we recommend trying various approaches - maybe that'll do the trick?

How can I receive my prizes?

Congratulations! We hope you enjoyed the Hinka experience so far!

You can request the prizes stored in your cart to be shipped to you once you have successfully registered your physical address with us.

Can I purchase Hinka Points with stolen credit cards?

Unfortunately the answer is NO.

In order to combat fraud, we may at times investigate accounts under suspicion of illegal activities, such as purchasing HINKA Coins with stolen credit cards at any time and without warning.

Any account discovered engaging in illegal activities will be restricted and their user access to Hinka may be prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to, delivery addresses being blacklisted and all pending prizes being revoked.

What makes Hinka's claw machines so special?

HINKA Ultimate Claw Machine Duo and Trio are new and improved versions of the classic Japanese UFO Catchers (aka claw machines, crane machines), they are designed by our team of experienced engineers, and it may differ from those simple ones found in local arcades.

Are the prizes legit?

100% Authentic Licensed Prizes Only.

We understand authentic Japanese prizes are quite hard to find in stores. Don't worry, you will be sure to find something that you like, shipped to you from Japan with love!

Is the app available on my device?

HINKA Online Claw Machine Game is available on Google Play Store for Android Users, and Apple App Store for iPhone Users.

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